BabelFish product idea - BF Wallet

Something came to my mind tonight - another BabelFish product. BabelFish crosschain wallet with integrated bridge - so in the future the use of the XUSD on different chains would be even easier experience for the users. What do You think about it?


It would definitely be nice for users. Thinking…….thinking

I think this is a cool idea.

Would it also be possible so that when stable coins where sent to it, it would automatically convert them to xUSD? Like some sort of smart contract filter on incoming transactions? That would avoid extra steps for transferring stablecoins into xUSD from an exchange or incompatible wallet. With cross-chain integration, it would be an ideal hub for managing xUSD.

There would have to be a build in option for users to choose it. But I think that it would be better if users could do it manually. 2-clicks and here You go.