Bablefish integration thoughts with fiat gateways

Would be interesting to see if fish can be integrated with fiat gateways, promoting fish token further and providing another layer of safety deposits in the form of fiat.


Hey @Hotshot88 - that is a cool idea. That could help with adoption of XUSD and with FISH in general, although that would require a walk around - since BabelFish is aggregating stablecoins. The best option would be a gateway on BSC - as fees are low there. Or maybe some other than ETH gateway.

Anyway - that is something worth exploring, and could help us also maintain right proportion of stablecoins in the collateral pool.

I think that is a great way for a really powerful partnership.

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I’d like to focus on onramps & point of sale integrations for XUSD & stablecoins, rather than focusing on ways to convert FISH to fiat USD. Let’s try wherever possible to use crypto & defi instead of fiat. That will do more to circumvent the system we’re obsoleting. I do see value in fiat gateways, but ideologically (& increasingly more practically), we need ways to spend our crypto, rather than ways to convert it to fiat where we may be unable to spend it for other reasons. Just my 2 cents.


Hi Hotshot88. I am not really sure what fiat gateways are. Are they CEXs? Also, how do you envision integration working? Like a cross-promotional campaign between the two teams?