Barnbridge integration

Hi all,

I proposed to use Barnbridge product to use in generating yield for Babelfish protocol using underlying stablecoins of XUSD.

My idea is to use their product called Smart Yield, more specifically use their senior bonds of USDC or USDT on Aave or Compound protocol. Seniors are protected by juniors, if there is decline in yield, that was originally open. You can see it like when there is 2% yield on USDC in senior pool, you buy it, and when the general yield goes below 2% on say Compound, juniors pays you extra to cover possible looses in yield. On the other hand, when the yield is increasing, you have lower yield (than providing it directly on Compound protocol) and the extra you are giving to junior positins.

They bassicaly build a tool for stable yield in DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum mainnet.
More info here: BarnBridge - A DeFi Risk Tokenizing Protocol

And also there is a space for DAO to DAO cooperation, which their community is very open when you find a good win-win situations
Looking forward to hear your thoughts about their products and possible usability.


I think this sounds like a good idea. Also, for DAO-DAO cooperation do you mean getting xUSD as a coin offered on smartyield?

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