Referral Program

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while from a marketing pov, is to develop a referral program. Recommendations are a big factor on whether or not someone uses a platform, and having a referral program can definitely incentivize people to onboard to babelfish. When you have a good friend tell you, “Hey, I heard about this amazing project that wants to aggregate stable coins, you should check it out!” I am way more inclined to check it out than from something I see on twitter. In general, the more people I talk to about how they heard about certain projects, and how deep they delve into a community, recommendations are usually the biggest factor. In my opinion, referrals are one of the best marketing tools but of course even though they might have some drawbacks described bellow.


  • Having a referral program would generate some traction and free marketing
  • It would make users feel closer to the platform as well
  • Referees might go deeper into the ecosystem/community compared to someone who just found us on twitter.


  • Possible frauds, but those can be mitigated by whitelisting the participants as dimsome suggested, or for example, by having certain amount of $FISH staked for a period of time, or both.
  • Might look like a pyramid scheme if not careful when setting it up.

Reward Ideas:

  • Permanent quest that will slowly increase the boost.
  • $FISH reward proportional to the average $FISH minted - burnt in a year for example. Of course this would be more difficult to implement
  • Fixed amount of $FISH per successful referral.
  • NFTs, swag?


  • Protocols, companies projects, (easy to whitelist, hard to sybil)
  • People.

I love the idea of having a referral program!

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I think this sounds like a good idea. I agree with NFTs as a reward, maybe some of our promotional art can be the NFTs? Or maybe babelverse-related NFT items @NOVAX?

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I like this idea too, but I would not limit it to NFT’s only.

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Referral programs are great. But we have to be very careful here guys. It’s a slippery slope.


By slippery slope do you mean like a legal issue or that we may attract the wrong crowd or get a bad image?

Wrong crowd, bots, etc.