Hyde - delegate


Delegate address:

BabelFish contributor, content creator, community mangager, tech support, tester, BF channels admin…

Relevant experience:
I have been with BabelFish from the very beginning, initially as a community member, and later as a moderator, administrator, community manager and contributor. From the start, I had a good understanding of BabelFish’s potential and a vision for where it should go. My previous experience allows me to help with this project on many different levels, including blockchain data analysis, resolving tech issues, proposing new functionalities, UI testing, and much more. I am also the one behind some of BabelFish’s technical documentation and blog posts.

I have a clear understanding of BabelFish’s bitocracy, and I am well-informed on the workings of BabelFish.

Why I want to be a BabelFish Bitocracy Delegate:
The recent outcome of BIP-0005, specifically the failure to reach quorum, has prompted me to consider the possibility of becoming a BabelFish Bitocracy Delegate. As someone who is dedicated to the success of BabelFish, I understand the importance of making critical decisions in a timely and effective manner. Although I had not previously considered becoming a delegate, I now believe that doing so could help to ensure that quorum is met for future decisions. Additionally, I believe that serving as a delegate would be beneficial for members of our community who trust me but are unable or don’t have time to participate in BabelFish Bitocracy.

Having direct contact with the BabelFish Community, Core Team, and Early Supporters has given me a unique perspective on the various viewpoints. As a full-time contributor to BabelFish, I am deeply committed to the project’s success and working towards its full potential. If there is a community proposal or idea that aligns with my values and goals for BabelFish, I will gladly support it with the voting power delegated to me. If I disagree with a proposal, I will voice my concerns and give those who have delegated their voting power to me the option to remove it.

In the spirit of transparency, I will publicly share how I intend to vote on specific proposals, allowing community members to make informed decisions about their voting power.