BIP-0006: Staking Bug Fix (to Prevent Reverting Delegated Voting Power)


The Staking contract has been paused to prevent malicious use of the information disclosed by this BIP.

If approved, this proposal will upgrade the Staking Logic contract to an implementation that fixes the bug.


A bug in the Staking Contract was discovered. The bug allows any address to revert any delegated voting power back to the delegator’s address by staking any amount to the delegator’s address. We have reproduced the bug and confirmed this is unintended behavior.


BabelFish uses fork of Sovryn’s Bitocracy. With BIP-0004 it was updated to the same version as the one used currently by Sovryn. Therefore the same fix needs to be applied - adding conditional check to fix the vulnerability

Proposed change


The voting for BIP-0006: Staking Bug Fix (to Prevent Reverting Delegated Voting Power) is now live!** This vote is crucial for our protocol’s progress and future . Your participation is vital in shaping the direction of BabelFish. The voting period will last ~ 24 hours. Make sure to cast your vote here: BabelFish | Stablecoin aggregator and have your voice heard.

Your input will determine whether we can proceed with other significant votes scheduled in the coming days.

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