BabelFish listing on Defi Llama

Defi aggregator site Defillama is already integrated with RSK and Sovryn was listed a while back. BabelFish should also get listed on the site as it will not only help with the visibility of the project but also the whole ecosystem.

I see some protocol with 0 TVL listed under RSK (perhaps someone testing something) so I dont think it should be that complicated to get this done, usually such platforms require someone from the project team to apply “officially”.


If it is only this type of listing - without any other costs than spending some time on it and providing data to it - it is doable. Let’s see how long will it take.

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I dont know if there is any cost associated with this listing, the Babelfish team can get the details by contacting the aggregator website(s).

However, even if there is a fee I think this should still be considered and paid from the marketing budget as this is important for exposure and visibility.

I think it sounds like a good idea if there are no other fees. I think a fee would complicate things because it may require a vote from the community to fund the listing.

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i shall contact them

I’ve asked already someone who can handle it to take a look at it, but there are another things he has on his head right now.

But any help is appreciated.