DeFi Dojo Educational Modules

Greetings all sharks, blowfishes, dolphins, shrimp and other creatures from the Babelverse!

In the upcoming DeFi Dojo we need to provide educational material. This thread is a place to gather and organize different subjects and topics that we want to include and teach in the Babelverse.

First we need to discuss and agree on the core subjects of the DeFi Dojo. Two obvious choices are Bitcoin and DeFi. In that order, IMO.
This thread will act as a spongle for us to dump information in all levels of complexity. It would be nice to begin with a solid and broad fundamental knowledgebase and gradually expand it into the higher levels of DeFi wizardry.

We need as much material and information as possible. In an attempt of organizing the entries, please first specify what subject the information is about, give it a short description and if possible rate its complexity with [Entry level - Intermediate - Advanced]

Bitcoin: Common doubts and misconceptions [Entry level]


Maybe it would be good to start with blockchain in general, after that with some basic stuff, DAO’s, DEX’es, CEX’es, wallets, safety in crypto, networks, fees, etc. We tend to assume that if someone is in crypto - has the knowledge about those topics - what is not always true. We want be open also for people without any experience.

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I agree with covering beginner topics, especially to make sure everyone is on the same page for more advanced topics. Speaking of beginners, what is the DeFi dojo :sweat_smile:? Is it a website where these articles will be posted?

Also, is this thread for posting articles we find or do we only post articles that we write?

I like the project! The fish logo is lovely, but what is the DeFi dojo?It is necessary to be familiar with the new projects in easy way……

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This is a great place to find a lot of needed info

Welcome @tree! Thanks for commenting. We’re developing the DeFi Dojo as one of the many locations within BabelVerse, which is a gamified metaverse experience designed specifically for the BabelFish.Money community. We’ll be launching a browser build of the verse at in the near future so you can enter the dojo and experience it.

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Thank you @WizardLizard for sharing this here and kicking off this conversation! I’m not sure if @Croptoccultist has been developing more content, but he submitted a pretty cool set of multiple choice questions with some non-player character (NPC) dialogue for FishToshi. It’s a fantastic start.

I’ve been pulling from classic Japanese parables to sculpt the interactions with FishToshi in the Dojo. We want FishToshi to send us on quests to various locations in the verse and to gather all sorts of NFT items with unique functionality. So anyone interested in developing FishToshi dialogue and educational modules should also know that you can dream big. Whatever functionality, challenge, or location you can imagine… we can build it.

Also, consider what you would want from an interactive experience designed to grow community, expedite onboarding, educate newbies, refine veterans, etc. We want everyone (including our kids) to be able to understand and access these materials. So, long text blocks are not optimal. However, thoughtful and concise interactions paired with curricular objects & manipulables (so we’re not stuck with repetitive multiple choice questions), will provide a unique experience with unlimited replay value.