BIP 000X: Assign Multi-sig Addresses for BabelFish Bitcoin Treasury

So this is supposed to be the first BIP to start working on.

How many addresses are we going to use?


  1. The BabelFish protocol will assign three signatory addresses to form a 2of3 Bitcoin multisig wallet.
  2. The wallet will hold the BabelFish Bitcoin treasury.
  3. Future transactions from the Treasury, (excluding vesting schedules, bounty rewards and recurring expenses) require approval via a simple vote.
  4. The signatory public keys are:
  • 0x0CBbbED82A0038d0f63C889Bb1296591136Be65D

  • 0xCaE473b17917C9a3cC0562389433733137f95464

  • 0x41Df960e40BC58A6150376522d39735EAc9c8928


Is it not that on RSK there are more wallets in Multisig possible?

Who will be in charge of those addresses ?

Maybe this is naive, but can you automate the wallet addresses to respond to a voting system for FISH? Then treasury decisions could be approved in a more decentralized way.

It would still require human interaction.

There are other ways to make sure that the multlisig validators do what was voted. That is why 2 of 3 are needed.

I thought that on RSK there could be more validators, but there has to be a limit set as well.

I see on rsk’s website that they have integration with Gnosis Safe, which I think allows for an unlimited number of addresses. Does this sound like a good route?

If so, I guess the question is how many people in the community can be trusted and responsive. Maybe those with a leader role should have an address? Though, I am not sure how many with a leader role are in the community.


That is the usual problem - but that is also a reason to have multisig. Like 2of3. Maybe it will be possible 3of4 or 3of5.

At the moment there is Dark Knight, FlameTale, Novax, Seidon and me. Trust of the Community is here the most important factor.

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3 of 5 sounds legit to me. I like that it accounts for potential AWAL leadership. Anything can & does happen guys. We must plan to be like dread pirate roberts. But it seems like DK has a 2 of 3 rBTC multi-sig established already. Perhaps it’s best to keep the circle of trust to 3 initially. A protocol multi-sig key should require some longevity with the protocol, which almost nobody can have established this early on. However, I would like to emphasize that we plan to expand our multi-sig to 3 of 5 after 1 year. We should plan it for September 2022.